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We are leading supplier of engineering equipment and instrumentation for the oil and gas industries. Together with our partners – leading German and European manufacturers – we developed the industry to higher standards.

Kegoz Oil & Gas Services!


We have extensive Slickline services experience ranging from basic removal of scale, wax and sand build-up to advanced services like plug settings, gas lift valves retrieval and reinstallation, fishing and other complex well applications.

Mechanical Interventions:

  • Cleaning of the well bore, wax removal, scale, sand and other debris removal
  • Setting and removal of flow control devices
  • Replacement of gas lift valves
  • Control of sliding sleeves to open and close access to zones
  • Thru tubing bridge plugs
  • Setting of hydraulic packers
  • Fishing services

Memory Production Logging and other Services:

  • MPLT-Recording accurate flow profiles
  • Memory Gauges- measurement of downhole temperature and pressure
  • Bottomhole sampling
  • Bottom hole shutting
Slickline Services (2)


To help clients make informed decisions through data acquisitions, KEGOZ provides a variety of logging services in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells such as:

Cased Hole

  • Reservoir Monitoring:
    • Production Logging Services (Wireline and Coiled tubing conveyed)
  • Well Integrity Services:
    • Cement bond log/radial bond log
    • Thru tubing bridge plugs
    • Plugs and packers (non-explosive settings tools)
  • Perforation Services
    • TCP Perforation
    • Wireline perforation
  • Leak Detection
  • Geoscience/Interpretation
  • Pipe recovery services

Open Hole:

  • Conventional open hole services


We have extensive experience in coiled tubing applications ranging from basic Nitrogen lifting, fishing, milling, clean out. Scale removal, through tubing plug setting, and stimulation, to horizontal logging and other complex well applications. In addition to provision of coiled tubing units suitable for onshore and offshore environment, we continually evaluate and deploy the latest advances and developments in CT applications, equipment and technology.

We provide:

Pumping Applications:

  • Acidizing and Nitrogen lifting
  • Cement Pumping
  • Scale Removal (Hydro-fetting)

Mechanical Applications:

  • Fishing or retrieving plugs/packers
  • Drilling/ Milling
  • Tubular cuter
  • Selective Zone Isolation and Packers Setting


We offer a broad range of services for stimulation and pumping and well bore  cleanup needs. An effective Wellbore clean out is a critical step to restoring the production of a well, and enabling an access to the Well bore for subsequent evaluations or treatments that are a crucial part of Wells life cycle.

Our well bore cleanup services are customized to give insurance to
completions, deliver better wells by extending Well life, maximizing Well
performance and reduce wellbore damage and environmental impact. Our
capabilities include stimulation through coiled tubing and high-speed pumping.

We provide:

  • Pumping rates of SOBPM and 10,000PSI
  • 100BI3Ls Fluid storage capacity on location
  • Crews and equipment experienced in on-shore & off-shore work
  • Data acquisition system to monitor and record real-time rates and pressures
  • Fluid filtration units available
  • QA/QC control of fluid mixing and pumping on location
  • Deployment of various clean up tools and chemicals


We are a provider of valves and Wellhead maintenance services. Our competent technicians can work on all types of actuators and valves. We can supply and advise OEM spares and alternatives engineered to OEM specifications for high performance with fully synthetic greases and sealants.


Our innovative well testing services and PVT analysis delivers accurate results and broaden knowledge about the reservoir and hydrocarbon
properties. This help our clients to make informed decision to support optimal production allocation and proper reservoir management.

We deploy the most cost effective and optimum tools and equipment to help our clients achieve their test objectives.

We carry out:

  • Drill Stem test
  • Maximum Efficiency rate test
  • Extended well testing


We have are leading provider of drilling and well services for the oil and gas industry. We specialize in drilling onshore wells and have extensive experience in drilling exploration, and appraisal wells for a variety of clients. we are known for high standards of safety and environmental protection, and we employ advanced technologies and equipment to ensure that operations are carried out efficiently and effectively.

The drilling crews are highly trained and experienced, and we are committed to providing the highest quality services to our clients. Our Drilling Services offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Drilling rig management
  • Drilling Engineering and design
  • Well site supervision
  • Drilling fluids management, and more.

We also offer a range of support services, such as logistics, supply chain management, and equipment rental. Our Drilling Services is also committed to providing our clients with the latest technologies and innovative solutions.


We periodically inspect for wear, cracks and damage to critical components such as:

  • Mud mixing & brine tanks
  • Slurry tubs
  • Mud hopper
  • Mud agitator
  • Jet shearing unit

We’ll check the condition of your seals and other rubber goods and look for oil contamination. We’ll inspect your frame and ensure your pump is set up as per the manufacturer’s recommended tolerances, providing feedback and detailed reporting.


We provides comprehensive brine filtration services to keep your oil systems running smoothly and efficiently. Our experienced technicians use a variety of specialized equipment to remove unwanted contaminants from your brine solution, including oil-based solids, suspended solids, and other particles.

Our advanced filtration process can remove particles as small as 0.1 micron and can efficiently reduce high levels of turbidity and conductivity. The filtration process also helps to reduce oil consumption and improves the efficiency of your system. We also offer ongoing maintenance and monitoring services to ensure your system remains running at its peak performance. With us, you can be rest assured that your brine filtration needs will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

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