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Nigeria is a net importer of fresh and processed foods. Nigeria has comparative advantage in agriculture, but the potentials are hardly exploited. The pressures on FOREX, the high cost of importing food products, the high cost of dairy products and the need to have Kegoz Agro in the value chain of providing for the teeming populace, have propelled this firm into commercial agriculture.


Our poultry farm operations is one of the best managed commercial replacement pullet rearing and egg laying operations in Nigeria with modern technology and equipment. Managed by staff who are regularly exposed to world class training and retraining both locally and internationally.

Our farm has an installed capacity for thousands of egg layers which are replaced annually producing thousands of eggs that are sold.

The farm also has an annual large installed capacity for replacement pullets spanning over hundreds of thousands, out of which are absorbed internally to replace our laying birds and also sold as point-of-lay pullets to numerous prospective customers and small medium scale operating farmers across the country respectively.


Kegozgroup is one of the leading companies in fish production in Nigeria. We use the best techniques in aquaculture practice available in the world to produce quality fingerlings, juveniles and table size African cat fish.

We use innovative techniques involving careful selection, electronically monitored breeding through the use of artificial implant, Recirculatory Aquaculture System (RAS), floating and fat coated fish feed. Most of our customers are top-players in Nigeria cat-fish industry.

The use of Fish Bowls in the rearing of fish has proved to produce healthy and high quality fishes. The dynamic flowing system and aeration produces better yield

Snail Farming

We breed and raise snails naturally on pasture / free range method to produce our high quality snail meat for events. 18-months old snail breeders are suitable for people who would like to start their own snail farms. We deliver year round on our weekly route to stores, cold rooms, markets, top class restaurants and individuals.

Our snails are several heritage breeds including the forest snail or giant African snail (archachatina archachatina), the forest giant snail (archachatina marginata) and the (archachatina fulica).

We have been selectively breeding our snails for many years to produce a snail that pastures well in our natural environment with excellent taste and flavour. With each generation, we breed the best of the best and eat the rest. Gradually over time this results-in the improvement of the breeders, strong, fertlie and prolific snails adapted to our climate and pasture grazing ability to name a few of the traits we select for reproduction purposes.

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